Hi All,


We had a successful sunny Sundays flying yesterday with a few noteworthy items.

Bruce maidened a couple of planes, the most spectacular being his 850 watt EDF Komet 163.

So impressive was it, I heard Gary Adams mumbling something about wanting a race ?

Gary put on a very smooth display from his stinky kero burning jet. It looks to be well sorted now,

unfortunately it suffered from a little ingestion problem. Hopefully it wont take too much time or money to repair.

The Sunny weather also brought out the GAM's motorcycle chapter to spectate for a while, nice to see you boys.

Marius reminded us all with a practical demonstration of not to commit aviation with the Tx in bind mode ! oops.

 Lucky he is such a prolific designer and builder. Yet nobody likes to see a model go in.

The August leg of the 2012 Glider comp was held early afternoon with 4 entrants, unfortunately Ray couldn't make the start.

Our resident president, Mr Lindsay Wyles took out 1st place, followed by myself, then Gary and Marius.

Every one including Gary's spotter had a good time ! Stay tuned for the September dates, probably the 2nd.

John was making as much smoke as noise and looks like he was having fun, Cliff was campaigning his Moki to much aural delight.

Several spectators and a couple of new potential flyers rolled through the gates.

I got the training legs off my 600N heli but unfortunately leaned it off too much and forced Gary to do an impromptu nose in Auto.

Good save Gaz, thanks.

All of the regulars had a splendid days flying, I am looking forward to spring.

In the late afternoon a couple of members came around to my place and it was a good session. Notably Lawrie and Bruce took it upon themselves

to finish one of my many half built projects. Thanks fellas ! Lindsay and Cliff both made their apologies. Lawrie and Anne have kindly offered to host

the next Shed Night at their house on Fathers day, Sunday the second of September at 29A Turner St.

Hope to see you all at the field before that.....